We all feel some kind of connection to the place we grew up. Whether in a city or a small town, we’re shaped by our surroundings and associate certain memories with the places we were born. I think it’s important to showcase the places we grew up because each of us has our own unique perspective and photography is a powerful medium to showcase these sensations.

The town of Stretford in Manchester is where I grew up. Known as the home of Manchester United football club and famous names like L.S Lowry, Emmeline Pankhurst, John Rylands and Morrisey, Stretford has often been overshadowed by these connections.

The town itself has been linked to disrepair and negligence, the ugly step cousin to the trendier districts of Chorlton, Didsbury and Altrincham. In recent years, there’s been a push to revitalise the area. 

The following collection shows Stretford as it is, with old architecture mingling with the new developments that will shape the future.

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