Bystander: A History Of Street Photography Review: A Must-Read Book For Any Photographer

Street photography is a medium that’s always evolving. A medium with multiple meanings, interpretations and styles. Generations of photographers have come along and left their own unique mark. 

From Henri Cartier-Bresson to Saul Leiter, street photographers are a wonderful mix of contradictions and conundrums. But where did they get the inspiration from? How did street photography get its start and become something that every Instagrammer wants to put in their feed? 

Bystander: A History Of Street Photography, by Colin Westerbeck and Joel Meyerowitz, has the answers. First published in 1994, this love letter to everything urban has been updated with new material and still remains an essential book for photographers.

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The Vikings believed in concepts that existed outside the material world. Gods, magic and myths mingled with the everyday of raiding, farming, living, fighting and loving. Vikings sought to change their fate and raise their fortunes and a concept that taps into that mentality is seidr (prounounced say-der).

In Old Norse, seidr translates to cord or string. It’s a magic-based ideology that looks at fate as a flowing, malleable object. It’s about symbolically changing the course of one’s life and bringing new events into reality. 

To do this, seidr practitioners relied on specific objects to bring them closer to the gods. They needed to enter a trance in order to enter the world of the spirits. 

The following photo collection tells the story of seidr through Norse objects and viking runes.

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Telling The Story Of Photography Fables

There’s something magical about the art of photography. In every photo that’s taken there’s a new story, a new world to discover. Photographers impart a piece of themselves into their art and share their own kind of magic, pushing themselves to be better and try new things.

It’s that kind of feeling that inspired the creation of Photography Fables and it’s only fitting that the first article on the website dive into the story behind the brand.

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