Steampunk Iron Man

What would have happened if someone as smart as Tony Stark had lived during the Victorian era? He’d probably have been the forefather of steampunk and revolutionised the world. Or, that’s what he’d say in his own words anyway.

In this article, I’m featuring a series of photos based on a steampunk version of Iron Man. This shoot involved experimenting with various angles and playing around with the light settings for my camera.

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Steampunk Terminator

Steampunk is a fascinating genre that combines Victorian aesthetics with dystopian themes. From an artistic perspective, cogs, brass and metal are common tropes and this provides the opportunity for some stunning backdrops and scenes. Photography Fables is going to regularly feature steampunk photos and a collection I enjoyed experimenting with recently involved a steampunk skull that I’m going to refer to as Steampunk Terminator. 

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Haunted Woods

October is one of my favourite months of the year. It’s a time of seasonal change, of shorter days, darker nights and bright colours. It’s a time when the barrier between the world of the living and the world of the dead is meant to be thinner and there’s a lot of creativity to be mined from that sensation.

Sinister things can happen in the woods. Forests instil an ancient kind of fear. It makes us imagine stalking predators and monsters hiding in bushes. This concept inspired me to create a collection of photographs and a story called Haunted Woods.

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