At The Dead Of Dusk

In addition to being an amateur photographer, I also love writing and I’m proud to announce the debut of my first novella AT THE DEAD OF DUSK. Set in the horror western universe of The Frontier, AT THE DEAD OF DUSK follows the story of infamous witch hunter Clay McNab on a journey to transport a young woman across a land of darkness.

There’s monsters, magic, mayhem and teenage angst. I’m also going to go into a bit more detail about how The Frontier was created.

Stepping into the world of The Frontier 

The idea for The Frontier was first conceived in 2016 when I started writing a novelette called Shadows At Dawn about a pair of cowboys who were hunting witches. This story rapidly grew in scale and the cowboys became Questers, a kind of supernatural bounty hunter and one of the many factions that frequent The Frontier.

When the story was published in 2017 by Aurelia Leo, I realised there was much more to say and it wasn’t until very recently that I returned to what The Frontier could be (being in lockdown gives you nothing but time after all).

I envisioned The Frontier as an alternative reality to the Wild West where humans live alongside supernatural creatures and that many of the people inhabiting the world aren’t your typical white hats and black hats. More like…grey hats, whose motivations are more complicated.

Be sure to check out Tales Of The Frontier for more information on this weird western world and be sure to buy the novella!

Amazon UK

Amazon US

At The Dead Of Dusk blurb.
At The Dead Of Dusk dedication.

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