The year 2020 will be remembered as a year of extremes. A time of unprecedented change, upheaval and uncertainty. A year of communities pulling together, stubborn optimism and people fighting for what they believe in. It’s against this emotional backdrop that an air of rebellion has risen up across the world.

The concept of rebellion has inspired this photo collection, which features images from around Manchester that convey feelings of umbrage, political backlash, pride and hope for the future.

Live A Rebel shot by Photography Fables.

Live A Rebel.

Political Appetites shot by Photography Fables.

Political Appetites.

Playing With Hope taken by Photography Fables.

Playing With Hope.


Support Local.

Emmeline Pankhurst statue in Manchester.

Call To Arms.

Street art in Manchester.

The Writing Is On The Wall.

The View From Space.

The View From Space.

Alan Turing statue in Manchester.

Turing Tested.

Jack The Dripper shot by Photography Fables.

Jack The Dripper.

Eye Of The Bee-Holder shot by Photography Fables.

Eye Of The Bee-Holder.

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