Longford Park

Longford Park in Stretford is a special place to me. It’s a place of fond childhood memories, of running around in the grass, of playing hide and seek, of spending time with my grandparents. It’s a reminder of simpler times and whenever I go there, I recall those memories and am glad the park is still standing today.

As a historical landmark, Longford Park has great importance as well. It was the home of John and Enriqueta Rylands, two of Manchester’s wealthiest cotton merchants, who contributed a great deal to the city and its people. They lived in Longford Hall, a structure that speaks of the local history and architecture.

In this photo collection, I’ve captured various parts of Longford Park as a way to bring my memories into reality. 

Manchester bombing memorial by Photography Fables.

A memorial for the people who died during the Manchester bombing in 2017.

Monkey tree by Photography Fables.

A monkey tree that I used to climb a lot as a kid.

Manchester bee.

The worker bee remains a symbol of unity in Manchester.

Longford Park shot by Photography Fables.
Wooden frog.
Longford Hall.

Longford Hall built by John Rylands.

John Rylands plaque in Longford Park.
Longford Hall by Photography Fables.
Larry Sullivan Gardens.
Longford Park in Stretford.

Longford Hall map.
Longford Hall.
Photography Fables shot of Longford Park.
Here's To The Memories by Photography Fables.

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